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About Me

Genevieve TaylorAs a freelance food writer, food stylist and presenter I happily travel all over to work, but my home is in Bristol, where I have lived for over 20 years with my family and a more-than-is-sensible collection of rescued pets. We currently share our home with a collie/whippet cross, a crazy jack russell, one sensible fat cat, one bonkers skinny cat and a couple of chickens. Life is neither simple or quiet, and that is just the way I like it.

When I’m not cooking, I can usually be found outside, Genevieve Tayloreither on my allotment growing the fruit and vegetables that inspire my work or walking my dogs in the woods, up a mountain, or by the sea.

Genevieve TaylorI am also rekindling a love of ceramics and I really enjoy crafting simple, beautiful pottery that I use in my kitchen and on photoshoots. Working with clay is just as much fun as making bread and, as a bonus, nobody eats the efforts of your labours. Follow @GenevieveMakes instagram feed to catch a glimpse of some of my ceramic work.

I am delighted to be working with fabulous barbecue brand Napoleon Grills as their cooking ambassador. With my love of cooking outdoors it is marriage made in heaven, so watch my presenter page and Napoleons website for new and inspiring recipes.